A Socially Competent Adolescent Essay

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Social Competence
The ability for people to relate positively to other individuals is paramount to the human experience and reliant on several different skills; these skills are what make up social competence. Social competence is defined as “the ability to achieve personal goals in social interaction while simultaneously maintaining positive relationships with others over time and across situations” (Rubin & Rose-Krasnor, 1992). The purpose of this paper is to list some of the habits of a socially competent adolescent, present an analysis of social and emotional competence in young children, and to provide a real-life application of social competence in order to provide parents an example for qualities they should expect their children to develop into adolescence.
Summary of Social Competence
First, the turnabout principle is an important component of social competence. Turnabout is “a conversational strategy in which the speaker, after commenting on what has just been said, also adds a request to get the partner to respond again” (Berk, 2013, p. 390). Gavin shows this skill on a date with a girl who finds it especially challenging to think of things to say during conversation. Using turnabout, Gavin does his best to bring up topics that help her to recall personal stories that she can share. This skill puts his date, as well as others, at ease which causes them to enjoy Gavin’s company.
Second, an indicator of a socially competent individual is their ability to…

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