A Social Worker 's Career Essay

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A Social Worker 's Career
Have you ever wondered what a social worker is? A Social worker is someone that helps other people. They can help people when they are ill or going through rough times. There is a lot of people in the social work industry. Social workers get paid for the aspect they love to do which is help people. What will be mentioned to help people understand social work is the job requirements, job description, motivations, and the history of social work.
To become a social worker there are requirements that one must know. The first aspect is the schooling required. In becoming a social worker one must have a bachelor 's degree. A bachelor 's degree is preferred, but a person can continue to get a master’s degree in social work (Psychiatric Social Worker: Job Description, Duties and Requirements). One needs good grades if they are planning to go and get into college, even better grades depending on what college you want to go to. Students can graduate college and get a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree, most people go on to get both. For social work, students only need one and that is a master’s degree. Second aspect required is “[d]ue to the demand for social services, social workers are expected to have a faster than average career growth (Compared to National Figures) of 12% from 2014 to 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics” (Psychiatric Social Worker: Job Description, Duties and Requirements). This quote is trying to say that when…

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