A Social Welfare Program For Older Persons Essay

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like most of their urban counter partners. Similarly, some elderly in urban centers including Accra risk becoming poor and in need of fiscal assistance if the supports they need in their economic life are not provided.
This decentralized and localized means of defining expectations of the program ensure scarce fiscal resource are given the those in most need while economically active elderly are given physical or material support. Thus, there is the need for local community-based age care groups and partner agencies such as Age Concern Ghana and Sisters of Hope to be allowed to define expectations of the program based on the socio-economic needs of older persons in areas they serve.
4.2 How are these expectations measured? (Summative and Formative)
“Adopt a Granny Scheme” is a vital social welfare program for older persons in Ghana, especially those in state of penury. Given it relevance to the wellbeing of older persons and it vital role as a gap filling program in the Ghanaian society, this report recommend summative and formative evaluation of the program. Summative evaluation, imply program planners and stakeholders in the “Adopt a Granny Scheme” must assess outcomes of the program on it beneficiaries and entire aged population of Ghana as a whole. Similarly, there is the need to evaluate the program’s design and delivery process – Formative evaluation.
Summative evaluation of “Adopt a Granny Scheme” can be done through information and data from agency staff, partner…

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