A Social Psychology Topic On Violence And Aggression Essay

1912 Words Mar 7th, 2015 null Page
The following essay will cover a social psychology topic that has plague the world for centuries now Violence and aggression has only incline as the years go by and don’t see it getting any better. Violence and aggression is a daily occurrence that has troubled the world for thousands of years now. Violence is a form of aggression to cause physical harm or damage to something or someone, while aggression is overt, often harmful, social interaction with the intention of inflicting damage or other unpleasantness upon another individual. Both aggression and violence comes from a negative energy that makes it challenging to channel that emotion. There are various forms of violence and aggression that people choice to embark in and conscious that their actions lead to. Physical Violence, Sexual Violence, .Psychological Violence, Spiritual Violence, and Domestic Violence are the most common forms of violence that often occur that leave ad emotional toll on the victim and there family.
Physical violence are crimes that occur when weapons are involved like items such as guns, knives, or baseball bats. One example of physical violence that occurred recently was the killing of unarmed teen name Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missiouri. August 19th 2014 a little suburban neighborhood was in an uproar when a police officer shot and killed the 18 year old I cold blood. It was reported that mike brown went into a gas station and without paying left with a beverage him and the clerk got into a…

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