Essay A Social Context On Educational Environments

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From reading the readings about institutions and organizations a section in the reading “Schooling in a social context: Educational Environments “stood out to me. The section “Propositions Comparing Internal Components of Organizations” stood out to me the most because I can relate to what Meyer and Rowan are talking about in this section from what I have seen during my experience working in education. The first point that Meyer and Rowan makes is saying “in educational organizations feedback concerning the work and output of teachers and schools tend to be eliminated, even if it happens to exist.” I absolutely agree with this point. I remember when I first started to work in education at Thompson Middle School the principal at the time was making a big deal that he had to go into the teachers classrooms and observe and complete some evaluations. The principal and other administration staff complained about completing this process because they did not feel like they had the time to go into each teacher’s classroom and complete an evaluation. I was wondering why do they not evaluate teachers and give them feedback. I didn’t understand why for years an administrator would not set in the classroom and to observe a teacher and give them feedback that will help them improve their teaching. Our Society always criticizes teachers and complain that the students are not learning but why not give teachers the opportunity to improve at their job. I remember one of my…

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