A Snapshot Of The Future Essay

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A Snapshot of the Future Photographers in today’s society make the world go around. Without them we wouldn’t be able to capture events and even maybe see a glimpse into our future. Photographers are creative. No one picture ever looks alike. I will have to work my way up to achieve this. A photographer makes a memory shine and freezes them in the moment so everyone can see those years from now. Practice! Practice! Practice! To use a camera all its takes is patience and practice. I plan on taking photography classes at a two-year College. I will also need my high school diploma to get a job. I may get my master 's or bachelor’s degree in photography also. Technical school training also improves my chance of getting a job. Some colleges also require four semesters of a foreign language. I have already studied four semesters of Spanish. Different types of photographers need different education. Being a portrait photographer would be ideal. Many colleges in Illinois offer photographer training. Prairie State College offers a good program for upcoming photographers. The college is located in Chicago Heights, Illinois. “Students are encouraged to begin development of a substantial personal photography portfolio”( Prairie State college). The competition to get into college would be taking the best photos I can. Prairie State College also has a class for Portrait Photographers. This class will take me through on photographic techniques. They…

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