Essay on A Smarter Way On Raise Pay Checks

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A Smarter Way to Raise pay checks

There is beginning to be an increasingly bigger interest in raising the minimum wage rate to fifteen dollars an hour.The reasoning behind this belief of fifteen dollars an hour is that low wage citizens feel as if they deserve equality with their income. Even though this new minimum wage would be nice, it is not a good idea to pay these workers more money for the work they do. A job at McDonalds is not a high enough ranking job for the workers to be payed so highly, compared to current jobs where employees make fifteen dollars an hour. Oren Cass has a better idea for the solution to raising the minimum wage, He suggests that these low income workers should get a earned income tax credit which would make the worker happy and the business happy. (2015)

Cass opens his article by saying “But simply mandating that employers pay more is a clumsy and potentially counterproductive way to help the poor.” (2015) Along with this he states that some workers gain and others lose out on jobs all together. An employer should not have to pay their worker more for a job that requires less skill, just as it is stated a low wage job, it is a low wage job because it is temporary and does not require much skill. If the goal is to help those in poverty, money should not be handed to them. Instead of a higher minimum wage employers should allow their workers to work more hours and receive overtime. With this workers will see the amount of effort they…

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