A Smart Technological Device That Has Changed Teaching And Learning

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Currently technology occupies an important part of people 's lives. This is reality, no one can deny it at all, and it is the same for modern education. Modern gadgets are no stranger to it. For example the iPad, which is embedded in the educational system in many developed countries is considered a smart technological device that has changed teaching and learning. Its success has been transforming the traditional classroom into a place to work and interact with the real world. Currently, with digital data and online communication, the ipad has become very important. This is because of the guaranteed continuous access to important educational resources such as applications. Another significant reason to use the iPad as an educational tool is that it provides the opportunity to increase learning, as it is not considered a strange tool for learners these days. There are very few students who do not have at least one iPad or other smart device.

The purpose of this essay is to discuss the importance of using iPads in mathematics learning and associated challenges.

1. Integrating iPad into mathematics learning:
Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects in education (Audi and Gouia-Zarrad,2013), whether in schools or in higher education. Due to this it is important to focus on teaching methods, not only on content. Recently, technology has revolutionized educational techniques and electronic devices are available for many students in most countries. For…

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