A Small Story Wish A Big Message Essay

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“A Small Story Wish a Big Message” A story can have many different interpretations within it that can be made. Not everyone will realize the meaning of some fine details that are within the setting or actions that characters take. In “Araby” by James Joyce there are many meaningful things that happen even though the story is so short. Joyce does an amazing job at writing with deeper meaning then just the things that happen in the story. By going into great detail in the setting and all the little things in the story it leads some to wonder if there are not any other underlying meanings present. Some indirect messages that come to mind and that will be discussed are the dark and gloomy mood, setting, and tone given through the story and what it may depict when dove into deeper, the way the narrator lives his life for others and what he does is depending on others is very prominent in the story, and finally the ending of the story and its possible interpretation. The setting of a story could be a huge part of how the story may play out or even give extra detail to add effect to an event that takes place. In “Araby” the setting plays a lot into the way the narrator acts and how it ties the emotions and from start to finish the story falls back into darkness. The story starts by stating, “The former tenant of our house, a priest, had died in the back drawing-room” (Joyce). This room is the one the narrator is sitting in while describing these things. The streets are described…

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