A Small Loan Of One Million Dollars Essay

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A Small Loan of One Million Dollars Hello my fellow Americans. I hope that the 2016 election year has brought joy and happiness to the citizens of the USA. Our candidates have done such a great job so far connecting to citizens through social media and the internet, but what are the lasting effects regarding social media? Social media affects the 2016 Presidential election due to Ignorance regarding internet sources, the political candidate’s similarities and differences making headlines, and the popularity of offensive speech. Technology has made a lasting impact on how Americans cite their sources. Some Americans have become dependant on finding out information through social media applications. When personal opinions and agendas replace facts and cited sources, ignorance replaces intelligence. An article published in the University Wire -Duke University newspaper- by Del V. Georgina called “The role of social media in the 2016 election” points out that, “Instead, these videos paraphrase speeches, reducing them to a catchphrase with only a few sentences of context, which makes them yes, easily digestible and appealing, but hardly a reliable source for a comprehensive understanding of present issues” (Georgina, The role of social media in the 2016 election). As Georgina notes on the issue of adjusted information, Americans could easily trust their favorite companies regarding serious topics. In the article, Georgina also points out that “In addition to reaching the…

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