A Single Under Cabinet Light Essay

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A single under-cabinet light in the kitchen provided all of the light in this part of the house. It was a small but orderly place - the area around the front door was lower and still slightly damp from when she had come in. It entered directly into a modest carpeted living area, with carpet and couches on the right, and a kind of lounge on the left, separated from the kitchen further back by a counter. A path in the middle lead further towards a narrow hallway, with doors on the left and right, the latter of which was to the room she had used. There was nothing on the walls besides heavy blue curtains which hung almost floor to ceiling. The chair she currently occupied was soft, clearly not new but clean and in good repair.

Looking around, she saw further evidence of his state - counters uncluttered, kitchen clearly used but with nothing left out, not even bread or oil or even salt. No television. No books or papers, though like the storage room there was a ubiquity of blue storage containers tucked into out-of-the-way corners, all unlabeled. There were no decorations or pictures anywhere in sight, no statues or baubles, no magnets on the refrigerator, not even from the local restaurants.

She settled back into the couch, crossing her legs beneath her as she did so. The rain fell outside, a steady patter. The registers along the outer wall were off - he kept it cool in here, she hadn’t noticed when she’d first arrived. The fridge was running a little warm on the outside…

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