A Single Mother Essay

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The story of a single mother who was willing to do anything for her children is what triggered it all. During my elementary years I accompanied my mom, an LPN, to her work as a home nurse. I was greeted by a loving mother who told me the story of her child, who was now left with extensive brain damage. Initially, I was confused when I confronted this child, as he was unresponsive to my attempts to communicate. However, my mom walked in the room and began to interact with him. The mere sound of hearing my mom’s voice would induce an uncontrollable smile and tensing in the child, expressing the joy of her company. This moment made me realize that there truly was life preserved in this child, by a relentless mother who was not willing to give up. My mom attempted to explain to me the concept of providing care for individuals, friends and strangers alike, despite their condition. This mentality sparked my interest in pursuing a career in medicine, but I was too young to fully grasp the depth of the lifestyle that accompanied such a commitment.
As the years passed, I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I made little effort to work towards this goal. Through the trials and tribulations of life I realized wanting something was simply not enough. During my sophomore year of high school this became explicitly clear. Throughout this time period, my father was sent to jail, my grandfather passed, and my family was in a car accident which left them all hospitalized. I initially felt…

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