Essay on A Sinful Child

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Initially, we are introduced to a “sinful child”, which author Hintz and Tribunella define in Reading Children’s Literature, chapter one: historicizing childhood, “ […] that of the child as sinful and in need of discipline and training.” (18 Hintz, Tribunella) The actions brought on by a sinful child relate to mischievous and criminal behavior, “[…] especially for poor and working-class children.” (19 Hintz, Tribunella) Throughout the read we see characteristics of a sinful child reflected in Hugo’s actions. It begins with stealing parts from Mr. Melies, who is the toy merchant; whom we find ourselves face to face with in the images discussed previously. “Had he figured out some of his toys were missing?” wondered Hugo, “well, there was noting to be done about that now.” (47 Hintz, Tribunella) Once the old man catches Hugo, for stealing, he is accused of being a “thief! Thief!” (50 Hintz, Tribunella) cries the old man. Once the pockets of Hugo Cabret are emptied out, Mr. Melies reveals that Hugo has stolen more than just toys. Hugo, throughout the read, is accused of stealing the notebook, which reveals the automaton instructions, the automaton in itself, food from another booth within the train station, and a key necklace, which he discovered to be the missing component to start up the automaton. It becomes apparent however, after gaining further knowledge of Hugo, that the boy is not a sinful child at heart, “Uncle Claude taught Hugo how to steal, which Hugo hated more…

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