A Simple Promise That Changed The Deaf Community Essay

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A Simple Promise That Changed the Deaf Community
In the article Signs of Promise, it was literally a promise made by E.M Galludet, to the Deaf community. As I read about his work he put forth to guarantee a fair education to the Deaf community, it really made me realize how much of a disadvantage Deaf community is in. Many Deaf communities do not see being Deaf as a disability, but as a way of life. They are often fortunate enough to not have to hear others hateful nature in our world. It seems to be their hearing peers that have a problem with them being unable to hear. The hearing world’s perception is that being Deaf is a disability. Oralists believed that with a disability it needed to be treated. On the contrary, manualists and supporters thought that they did not need to be “fixed”, but they just needed to be compensated in the way the Deaf learned. It was as if the Deaf community had absolutely no say in how they received their education and was, in some ways, treated like slaves by their hearing peers. The Deaf have no voice, forced to be illiterate, and no say in what they could do with their own lives. The Deaf community was forced to learn orally, even though they could not hear. They were encouraged to lip read and finger spell to try and communicate. Many suffered drastically and E.M Gallaudet knew he needed to make a change in the Deaf community’s access to proper education, beyond high school. E.M Gallaudet had a vision on how to improve Deaf education, the…

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