Essay about A Similar Way Of The Majority Interpretation

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In a similar way, McCane presents what he calls the “majority interpretation”, which similarly interprets Jesus metaphorically. The ‘majority interpretation’ claims Jesus “means, ‘Let the spiritually dead bury the physically dead.’ With these words Jesus calls his followers to leave behind all worldly commitments, including even the most intimate family ties.” Just as in Origen’s interpretation, the ‘majority interpretation’ finds Jesus to be commanding his disciples to “leave behind all worldly commitments” even those involving “family”, such as the obligation of secondary burial. Additionally, just like Origen, the ‘majority interpretation’ seems to assume that the burial will fall on the shoulders of someone else, in this case the “spiritually dead”. As disciples, we need not consume ourselves with earthly obligations, so long as it distracts us from the more important call to discipleship.
Within the same realm of figurative interpretation as Origen’s conclusions and the ‘majority interpretation’, the pre-modern theologian, Chrysostom, presents a nuance in this interpretation, which points to the spiritually dead in the passage as “unbelievers.” As Chrysostom interprets, “by saying, ‘their own dead,’ [Jesus] implies that this is not one of His dead. And that because he that was dead, was, as least as I suppose, of the unbelievers.” According to Chrysostom now, Jesus is discussing “unbelievers” burying other “nonbelievers”. Such an interpretation seems to polarize…

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