Child Labor Should Be Abolished

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As I holster my gun, rushing onward towards the enemy soldiers, I try to aim my gun at them, but the barrel of my shotgun is too large for me to aim properly. “Get down Johnny!” My lieutenant commands right before a shot fires, aimed straight towards my head. This connects to my claim by showing how most children are probably unable to even holster their own gun properly, let alone fight on the war fronts. A solution to this would be to abstain from child labor entirely.
My argument is that child labor is cruel and should be abolished because
1. Due to it being so widespread in military and other areas that are third world, many children are suffering and dying from poor condition and forced manual labor.
2. It takes children away from their
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My evidence to support this comes from “Lost Generation” by an unnamed author where it states,”. Most children have never been in a classroom or played in a park.” This supports my claim by showing how most kids are being denied their education as they are forced to join the war by unstable governments. Likewise, in “Lost Generation” by an unnamed author it states,”Their growth has been stunted by conflict-induced famines, their psyches damaged by all the killings they have witnessed.” This supports my claim by showing how some kids stop growing altogether as the people who forced them into the war decided to put their money into buying things other than food for the children. Lastly, in “Lost Generation” by an unnamed author it states,” He now lives with other government soldiers in a filthy house littered with cigarette boxes and smelly clothes.” This supports my claim by showing how how the kids in the war are in a disgusting house where they are crammed in with other people in abysmal conditions. The conditions of where child labor are deplorable and adult shouldn’t even be laboring in these revolting areas. Furthermore, children are being denied many things other kids take for granted, such as food, fresh air, personal space, and many other …show more content…
"They don't complain, they don't expect to be paid—and if you tell them to kill, they kill." This supports the counterclaim by showing how children are loyal and have many characteristics that make them desirable military agents. Furthermore, in “The Perfect Weapon” it states,” They are easily manipulated, intensely loyal, fearless, and, most important, in endless supply.” This supports my claim by showing how children are easily accessible and show intense devotion to the military, their immaturity also leads them to have no fears as they haven’t developed the mental strength to understand it. (or something like that) This counterclaim is rebuffed in many ways, one of which is shown in “Armed and Underage” by Jeffrey Gettlemen where it states,”Human-rights experts estimate that more than 200,000 children worldwide are still being used as combatants, usually against their will. And it isn't just boys: Girls are often pressed into duty as cooks or messengers. Many are subjected to sexual abuse, including rape.” This rebuffs the counterclaim by showing how children are being forced against their will into the military, which definitely isn’t benefiting the children, and the people who forcefully employed probably view them as

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