A Short Story: The Story Of Snow White

The story named snow white and
When the winter the snow fell softy and snowflakes were falling like feathers. The queen sat sewing at her window, who had a frame of black ebony wood queen pricked her finger with a needle how thought to herself and wish she had a daughter with skin as white also they called her little snow-white. That sadly the queen did indeed have a beautiful baby girl as soon as the child was born the queen died.
Snow white father (king) married stepmother (queen) again. She was a beautiful woman, proud and arrogant, and anyone might surpass her in beauty.

Queen had a magic mirror every day she would go to her magic mirror, and the mirror replies her. The fairest one of all. She was satisfied and spoke the truth. Snow- White grew up and became ever more beautiful, and the queen was very angry, jealous, and hatred for a girl. Stepmother convened a huntsman and told him to take snow white deep into the forest and kill her, and then he brings back her dead lungs and liver back to the stepmother. Snow-white told huntsman to let her live, and she will run and never come back again. She runs away poor child. He killed it the wild animals and cut out its ling and liver took them back to the queen as proof of snow-white’s
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Meanwhile, stepmother believes dead snow-white, she stepped before her mirror and said. She found out she was still alive and beyond the mountain. This surprised queen and realized that the huntsman had tricked her. Queen stubborn to kill snow white herself because she disguised herself as an old peddler woman and made her way to the snow-white house. She opens the door the step-mother showed her house. Then with the art of witchcraft, she made a poisoned comb through snow-white hair, the old woman said now let me comb your hair properly; she had barely stuck the comb into snow-white hair scalp and fell unconscious and the died. She walked

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