A Short Story: The Devil Behind Innocent Face

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Devil behind innocent face

My mother did not knew behind that innocent face there could be a devil hidden. By the time the truth of devil came out, it was too late to step back. She still choose to be silent.
My parents were arranged marriage when they were in their teenage. My mother never complained about anything to her parents because young marriage was the culture. She dropped out of high school. After two years, my she fell in love with my father because his personality attracted her. My dad was the nicest guy she had ever meet and he would fulfil her wishes.They would go to out at the city which is few hours away from camp. He would buy her clothes and feminine products. They would go out to eat dinner at fancy restaurant
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I prayed to God to send someone to stop this horror fight.Their room had no privacy because the walls are made out of bamboo. My Father insultingly asked, “kaha thes toh?”, it mean where were you. It is disrespectful to use “Toh” to our partners or elders.My mother and I went to farm to get some milk from the farmer which is about 1 hours of walking and after that we went to cut the grass for our goats. Then, we came home and prepared dinner. My mother truthfully answered him where she was but he refused to believe.He was sweating, he started to yelled,”Kina malai datiko”, it means why are you lying. I ran to call my grandmother who lived few block away from our house. It was so dark outside I got scared of darkness. I lighted a candles and started to walk toward grandma’s house. By the time, I got home with granny, he beat mother with his belt and she was bleeding from her nose.I was in in his situation when his father would beat his mother. she could only be silent and do nothing about it. Father left the house. Next morning, there was few dried drops of blood on the floor.I cleaned and I was breaking down from inside. My tears was dropping on top of my mother’s blood. My grandmother told …show more content…
She would act like happy women and life is excellent but she was dying inside. She raised two of us without any one’s help. he would doubt her that she went somewhere. There would always be a fight. In our Buddhist society, our families supposed to be peace. My father would called himself I am pure Buddhist but he never followed Buddha 's pathway but a devil 's way. No body would respect for our family. Everyone in society, they would talk about my family. I still remember those dark night when I used to pray to God every time my dad comes home. I know for sure there would be fight. I would call my grandma. My grandmother would say everything will be good, just to have that hope in my mind. I would looked at that blue sky and wonder when will that day come. I wished like Jimmy Santiago Baca, the great author of “A Place To Stand”. When he was abandoned by his family. He could only wish and pray like me.
None of our fathers or mothers should be silent if their partners are abusing them. The effects not only affects parent but their children. Silence of language in my understanding is it is contagious to everyone. It will destroy everything: family, friends, respect, love, future sd

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