Kreger2 Unit 2 Reflection Journal

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Key Words: down syndrome, ultrasound, infertility, miscarriage, oxytocin, postpartum depression, Apgar test, Huntington’s disease, dominant gene, and carrier
• I have 2 stories, my first is a long story and my last is somewhat short.

In June of 2011 my husband Jarett and I decided we wanted to try to have another baby. Our daughter had just turned two in April, we thought it would be a good distance in age. We had no trouble conceiving Kinlee, she was very much unplanned, our accidental blessing!
In October 2011 I found out I was pregnant and having a miscarriage all at the same time. I was extremely upset and depression set in and became a burden for some time. Since they did not perform a DNC, I was having problems getting pregnant
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We got to the hospital, they performed an ultrasound and told us we were going to have a boy, we were so happy! However that was the good news, the bad news my amniotic fluid was less than half the amount that it was supposed to be and supposedly, the lady said that this could be because our baby had Downs Syndrome. Immediately I was sent to the Perinatal OBGYN in OKC, OK to determine if the results were correct and what the next step would be. Thankfully, the girl that had performed the ultrasound had no clue what she was doing or talking about, our baby boy looked great and had adequate enough fluid and didn’t have any signs of Downs …show more content…
I however, was becoming extremely swollen and miserable. On July 29th at 4pm, I was asked to come to have an emergency follow up with my doctor. My blood pressure was out of control and could no longer keep anything down. My doctor diagnosed me with Pre-Eclampsia and Toxemia. I was sent directly over to the Women’s Center in Durant to await the arrival of our baby boy! As I was hooked up to all the monitors, I was also hooked up and being induced with oxytocin. After about 18 hours of being in labor, I gave birth naturally to a baby boy we named Case. His Apgar Test was given and came back with good results, but he was coombs test positive. My blood type in + and his is – and they were trying to fight off each other.
When we were release and finally made it home, I realized that I had the same post-partum blues, just like I had after I gave birth to Kinlee. It is horrible, and u feel down on yourself, I didn’t want to be by myself and I didn’t want anyone to look or touch my babies. The only good thing is that it does go away it takes time but it will go. He is now a happy three year old little boy, the love of my life, and I thank the good Lord every day for the two blessings that he provided me

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