A Short Story: Like What's Your Zodiac Sign?

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As I walked to my friend, Kelcies ', restaurant I look inside and saw that only a few people were dining in. I walked to the entrance and pulled the handle but to my disappointment it was locked.
I notice Kelcie at her station. I do my best by waving my arms to try and get her attention as well tapping on the window, unfortunately I fail to do so, as I watch her disappear to the back of the restaurant. With a sigh I sit on the curb hoping it won 't take to long for her to finish cleaning. It had to be a good five minutes before I stood up to stretch my legs. Once I stand up, I get this irie feeling like someone is watching me, with that on my mind I turn my head to the left acknowledge a man and
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"Like what 's your Zodiac sign?"
"Oh! I don’t believe in that stuff so I don’t really know." He looked a little offended. So I made sure to let him know no offense towards his beliefs.
"I 'm sorry if that sounded rude." And threw him a genuine smile. As I awkwardly shifted my weight on my right leg, his friend made it his mission to point on something very odd.
"Aye, Bruh look she got a nice stance." I hesitated to look his way and when I did, I wish I hadn 't. While sending a wink my way I did my best to hide my cringe. In my thoughts I couldn’t help but think "What am I a horse? what does that even mean!?"
I was quickly knocked out of my thoughts when Reggie got my attention.
"Don’t mind him baby girl, he weird." He didn’t have to tell me twice, Reggie shooed his friend off as they were getting ready to head out. He gave me his number as I informed him that I didn’t have a phone at the time, so I told him I would call him when I got home. We hugged and said our Goodbyes and that’s when Kelcie finally walked
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You gay or something? It 's alright you can tell me anything." Kecie and I both looked at each other and quietly awed. In my mind I thought this is going to be harder than I thought. Although I 've come this far so I couldn’t have backed out now, he wasn’t a bad guy I just wasn’t interested.
"I 'm a Hermaphrodite." I blurted out, and there was silence.
"Hello? Reggie you there?" As I nervously bite my nails, waiting for a reply
"Yeah, I 'm here I just trying to understand, so you a man?" I couldn’t help but laugh as I explained to him that I wasn 't necessarily but I do have a male parts I was just born a girl.
"I 'm sorry if this is confusing, I wanted to tell you I just couldn’t do that to you in front of your friend."
"Oh no it 's all good I 'm just glad you told me before it was to let. You know? But yeah don’t worry bout it." I let a sigh as we said our goodbyes and I looked at Kelcie "I kind of feel bad because he took that way better than expected."
"It 'll be okay, but that’s what happens when you walk up to random females and expect a good outcome." I laughed loudly as we pulled up to my house. Since that day I 've vowed to never lie to a guy but to simply and plainly tell them "I 'm not

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