A Short Story By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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A short story is brief but has to contain meaningful story to make readers interested. Even if a story has mass of ideas or has a good and long structures, people will not focus on reading and start quitting reading if it is too complicated. Also, a story affects totality. Totality can define unity. So, a short story unifies ideas by holding each person’s single emotion. Edgar Allan Poe, who made the theory of short story, insists a short story is all about “brevity and the necessary coherence which gives the effect of totality” (Lawrence 274). Unless this theory was written in nineteen centuries, it still affects a modern short story, for it is a fundamental philosophy for all authors in order to write a good short story. Therefore, I agree with Edgar Allan Poe’s statement.
First, a short story should be brief but make readers to be able to read at one sitting. Edgar Allan Poe writes “short story is a brief tale which can be told or read at one sitting.” This philosophy defines two definitions. First, a short story has to be short. Second, it has to capture people’s interests and hold people’s coherence during reading. Therefore, a writer should hold people’s concentrate from the beginning to the end in a short time. In a short story, if there are more than a single emotion and too many ideas, it will be very distractive for readers. They might not remember what they read and what a main idea is in a story. For example, If I Were A Man, which is written by Charlotte…

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