Athena's P. O. V.: A Short Story

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Athena's P.O.V.,


Sixteen year old Athena's parents just told her that she would be coming with them on their family trip. "Why do I need to come with you?" Athena asked."Because we will not be leaving a sixteen year old girl home alone for the entirety of the spring," Athena's mother said."But." said Athena. "No buts, dear." Athena's mother cut Athena off before she could continue. Athena then went to her room feeling annoyed. She then packed her things for the two months that she would be at her aunt's house, including her laptop, in order to do her online school work, and enough clothes to last for two months.

On the trip.

After hours of driving, they finally arrived at her aunt's house. Laura her cousin then came out of the house, along with her aunt Mary, and her uncle Mark, Laura then immediately pulled Athena into her room to talk. "How have you been Athena?" Laura asked. "I've been good how have you been Laura?" Athena asked. "I have been good, I got a boyfriend finally!" Laura beamed. "Why, didn't you text me about that?" Athena asked. "Because, it only happened yesterday" Laura said. "Well congratulations" Athena congratulated Laura. "Thank you, now this spring we will be finding you a boyfriend" Laura stated. "I'm sorry, what?" Athena asked, confused. "You

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