Annemarie And Ellen Reunite Essay

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Annemarie and Ellen reunite

It was a sunny day in Copenhagen Denmark. Annemarie and Kirsti were in the

living room playing dolls. Mrs. Johansen was in the kitchen making tea, actual tea.

World War Two was finally over and all of Denmark got all their resources back. “Why do you still wear that Jewish necklace? Your not Jewish,” Said Kirstie. “It’s all i have left of Ellen,” said Annemarie. It’s been 9 months since they’ve seen the Rosens. Kirstie is now 6 and Annemarie will be 11 in 4 days. “Face it Annemarie, its been 9 months, the war is over and there still not back from Sweden, its not going to be anytime soon until your going to see her so stop hoping.” Annemarie rolled her eyes and held
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Her birthday is tomorrow and both her parents said no to a celebration. Annemarie wasn’t being herself, she misses Ellen so much that it makes her act this way. After school Annemarie and Kirsti walked into the house and noticed their parents at the table waiting to talk to Annemarie. “Kirsti go to your room and play, Annemarie, sit down. Said Mrs. Johansson. “Haha look whos in trouble!” teased Kirsti. “We need to talk about your behavior the past week, “said mr. Johansson. “Yeah its out of hand, and needs to stop, whats happening, Annemarie. “Nothing happened” mumble Annemarie. “We know something happened Annemarie, and we can all fix it if you tell us. “I miss Ellen, okay.” i would never oversleep because i would be exited to see Ellen at school, i would never be late to school because we would always race to school, and now i feel like i dont even have to go to school, whats the point? Ellens not even there!” said Annemarie crying. “Annemarie we never knew you felt this way, if you told us we couldve helped instead of you acting this way, it is unacceptable for you to act this way, said Mrs. Johansson. That evening it was dinner and Mr. and Mrs. Johansson told Annemarie that they were to hard on her and that she could still celebrate her party.”REALLY! I thought you were serious.” Annemarie said. “UNFAIR! She was going to hit me with a book and you say your hard on her!! No way! She doesnt deserve to have a party.” Said Kirsti.”we dont need your help kirsti.” said Mr. Johansson. “I just wish Ellen could be here to celebrate too. Said Annemarie. Mr. and Mrs. Johansson looked at each other and

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