Essay on A Short Sentence On Facebook

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I heard a short sentence on Facebook from a young man “Waking up later wastes the morning, but getting up earlier destroys all the day.” I know he was kidding, but when I back to think of that, I’m totally agree with what he said. In China, there is a morning class called “morning reading” begging at 7am. Every students need to come to the class and do exercises after that class. Therefore, since middle school, I’ve hate the morning when I have to wake up early for that class and do that stupid “dancing”. I remember that when I was studying in middle school in China, I was sober one or two days a week only because I got lie-in at some weekend, and I felt so comfortable and clearly of my brain. I could find any answer of any calculation and complete an essay double-quick. However, I always felt some kind of lost even I might yawn twenty times each hour at Monday morning, perhaps I could get any power from the sunshine at 6am. Although I was absolute not want to get up at 6am, I had to because it was mandatory. By the way, I was scared if a teacher talked with my mom. There is a little thing of an educational problem in my country, China. I think that teachers should lead students to manage their own time, but not make a rule like handcuffs to imprison students because students also need private time to do what they are interested in, and they have to learn how to manage their time.
When I was a child, my parents told me “Time is important as money, but can’t be bought.” my…

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