Essay on A Short Note On Verbal Communications And Facilitation

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Verbal Communications and Facilitation
In today 's fast paced, high tech global market place, no business can exist and survive without communications inside its own boundaries or without interaction with third party businesses outside its doors. In order to accomplish its mission and to communicate strategic initiatives and directives to all employees, top management communicates to middle and first line managers, who in turn disseminate the information to each employee in the organization. Increased global competition, pressures to stay profitable as a company, and being able to make rapid changes in a product line or service offered, requires fast and timely communication.
To be successful as a manager or business, one must possess, among many other skills, excellent communication skills. Whether it 's planning, organizing, leading, or controlling, just about anything a manager does requires a form of communication. Let 's explore a few of the communication skills today 's managers need. To keep informed of the latest changes and developments in their field, managers must read various trade magazines as well as write letters as part of the formal business communication. Often managers find themselves in meetings, where they can use good listening skills during a presentation as well as watch the body language of the attending people while giving a presentation. As a direct result of the information explosion and the Internet, managers today also communicate heavily…

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