A Short Note On Type 1 Diabetes Is A Chronic Disease Essays

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Type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease, which starts to develop in childhood it was known as juvenile onset as well. It is a progressive destruction of autoimmune pancreatic beta cells depending upon the individuals. Genetically individuals develop islets of autoantibodies from months to years before diagnosing type 1 diabetes. Glucose level is increased as the body starts to produce low level of insulin and glucose is eliminated in the form of urine. Weight loss, frequent urination, excessive hunger and thirst are the common symptoms of type 1 diabetes. (Brown & Edward, 2012)
Thrombosis is the homeostatic mechanism by which the blood coagulates or clots, an important process of hemostasis after the creation of the wound. Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets are the sites of thrombus formation is the valve cusp of veins, venous stasis that allows the accumulation of blood products. The patient suffering from the symptoms of DVT or leg swelling, pain in extremity, skin redness and temperature over 38º C. If the superior vena Cava is precluded, can be symptoms of the extremities, neck, back and face. (Brown & Edward, 2012)

Congestive Cardiac failure (CCF), also called chronic heart failure, precluding impaired cardiac pumping is an abnormal condition in which heart muscles fail to pump out the blood, that is; heart muscles get weak. Hypertension is a major contributing factor that increases the risk of heart failure; the progressive severity…

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