Essay on A Short Note On The Infrastructure Upgrade Package

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1. Introduction
Is one of the main upgrades for the six stories Hotel Adelaide International building, the infrastructure upgrade package is carried out in order to achieve the most satisfaction from client and customers. The new upgrade package contains many utilities to not only serve the customers but also provide a number of management tools for hotel managing staffs.
2. Works
a. Networking
A brand new network platform will be used for the upgrade package, National Broadband Network (NBN) with +100Mbps unlimited plan will replace the copper cable system, which is approaching the end of its life.
b. New server system
Due to the extension of the hotel, many equipment requires sophisticated server-based applications (such as ERP or CRM) and more complex database. This server not only used for file sharing between department and equipment but also provide an email and print server, a large-scale virtualization capabilities and play an extreme important role as a central processing unit. Therefore, a server tower or rack is a must.
c. Fire-alarm, water level, air pressure, and duct system
A critical manner of a large building is to control all of the elements that can actual damage the system if it is not handled well. Input information and data from sensors all around the building come back to the central server where a set of rules will be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations. Then, the actuators carry out actions depend on the output…

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