A Short Note On The Death Of A Silver Necklace Essay

1103 Words Jul 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Have you ever gotten in trouble or blamed for something that you never did? I walked into my house, saw my parents and siblings seating in the living room. I saw their faces, with a look of disappointment. Walking closer I knew I was in trouble with my stomach starting to get knotted. It was so silent I could hear the refrigerator running. I knew this was a big deal of how quiet they were being and by their facial expressions. Taking a seat, I asked what happened. It was if a bomb exploded. I got more nervous more knots in my stomach, but most of all I felt anger. I felt angry because I was being yelled at and punished for something I did not do. Though I was angry I also had no idea of what they were talking about, which made things worse, because they thought I was acting dumb trying to make an excuse. As they explained why they were upset, I found out that a gold necklace went missing from the house. Finding out what the problem was made me even more mad and upset, just knowing they thought I would do something as bad as stealing from my family.

Being accused of something you never did is something that maybe we all go through. It does create a lot of bad feelings and emotions with you, it is a good life lesson. The life lesson that life is not fair and things aren’t always rainbows and sunshine. Being accused of something you never committed makes a person grow not physically but in maturaty because you remember how people or family looked at you afterward…

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