A Short Note On The Dangers Of Radiation Essay

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Dangers of Radiation.

Soldiers have been put in danger throughout recent history due to negligence with nuclear material and weapons testing. Either through having soldiers being at the actual test sites when the bombs were detonated or having them complete military exercises afterwards or getting the site ready for the next weapons test. Having soldiers move around radioactive material, living on bases nearby radioactive material, getting unknowingly bombarded by radiation to see its effects on the human body. How governments cover up the effects, the correlation between the weapons testing and veterans succumbing to sickness and disease after their service. And how some nations are trying to right their wrongs.

In the years that make up the Cold War roughly 1947 through 1991, between the nation 's on either side of the Iron Curtain there had been a combined 2,111 nuclear weapons tests conducted on this earth. Many American, Soviet, Canadian, British Commonwealth along with other Nato and Warsaw troops were exposed to the harmful effects of nuclear radiation. In Operation Plumbbob which took place in the famous Nevada test sites [6], the radiation given out by all three tests equaled around 58,300 kilo curies of radioiodine, which is way above any allowable or survivable limit. One test had civilians and soldiers stand on ground zero below the airborne detonation to prove that the weapons could be used over cities without “ill” effects. The tests in that single operation…

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