Essay on A Short Note On The Condemnation Of Galileo

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The Condemnation of Galileo
It is possible to say the condemnation of Galileo was something that was miscalculated. I say this because it seems as though there was really no law for what he had done at the time, but because scince and theology was not separated no one really knew what to do. I thought about Jesus, when the Jews set out to kill Him because they really could not handle his teaching and who He claimed to be. They took him and waited until after the Passover to kill Him because it was a religious holiday and they did not want the people to be in an uproar over their doings. With Galileo’s situation, it is said that [1 ]“No episode is so misunderstood in the history of the Catholic Church, so many intelligent Catholics would prefer that this whole sorry episode would be swept under a rug.” Galileo was convicted because, [2] “1 holding the truth of the earth’s motion; 2 corresponding about this doctrine with some German mathematicians 3 publishing a book titled Sunspot Letters that explained the truth of the doctrine 4 answering scriptural objections against the doctrine by elaborating personal interpretations of the Scripture and 5 writing a letter to a disciple containing various propositions against the authority and the correct meaning of Scripture.” It seems that Galileo was a very smart individual, who had become obsessed with the facts that he had learned about the earth, the moon, Venus, and Jupiter. Seeing that these facts made some of the church…

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