A Short Note On Substance Abuse Issues Can And Do Enter Recovery Lifestyles

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Our Program Goals
MK understands that clients with substance abuse issues can and do enter recovery lifestyles. Effective treatment can result in abstinence and provide tremendous health, social, and spiritual benefits to the client. MK PLACE is committed to providing a therapeutic environment that promotes and encourages recovery by applying principles of human learning (nonjudgmental, empathy, positive regard) to facilitate the replacement of maladaptive behaviors with more adaptive ones. Our theoretic framework includes three primary components: Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies, Motivational Enhancement Techniques, and the American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria (ASAM-PPCR2), a clinical guide for matching patients to the appropriate level of care. Cognitive-Behavioral strategies are grounded on a scientific view of human behavior that implies a systematic and structured approach to counseling. MK PLACE uses these approaches to increase the client’s skills by overcoming debilitating behaviors that lead to and promote substance abuse. Clients are expected to change behaviors rather than reflect passively in group and individual work with counselors. MK PLACE understands that motivation is a key component for addressing substance abuse. Motivational strategies are meant to emphasize the client’s responsibilities to voice personal goals and values, as well as to make choices among options for change. MK PLACE has adopted the philosophy that…

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