A Short Note On Stigmatization Surrounding Hooking Up Essay examples

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Stigmatization Surrounding Hooking up
As mentioned earlier, past research has found positive correlations between alcohol use and hooking up (Paul et al., 2000; Garneau et al., 2013). These results further suggest that individuals may experience feelings of regret or negative self-evaluations, after an intoxicated hookup encounter. On the other hand, one may be tempted to dismiss the hookup encounter and perceive the self as less responsible for their behaviours due to being in an intoxicated status at that time. Despite hooking up being perceived as culturally normative on college campuses, (Bradshaw et al., 2010; Garcia, Reiber, Massey, & Merriwether, 2012; Stinson, 2010) Allison and her colleagues (2013) found that many students still experience being stigmatized following frequent casual sex encounters, especially in instances where they are seen as hooking up too much. Women may be more at risk than men for emotional distress following a hookup encounter due to pressure from male hookup partners to go further sexually than they want, and the presence of a sexual ‘‘double standard’’ as previously discussed (Paul et al., 2002). Of even greater concern, evidence also suggests that hookups may increase women’s risk of experiencing sexual victimization (Flack et al., 2007; Testa, Hoffman, & Livingston, 2010).
Although hookup partnerships have been associated with lower relationship quality when compared to serious romantic relationships, research suggests that selectivity…

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