Essay A Short Note On Social Factors And Transitions

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Section VI: Social factors and Transitions Ms. Bird indicated that her only supportive relationships are with her mother and aunt, but not with the rest of her family, due to her mother being her father’s mistress. Client stated that she is the only child of her mother, but she has two half-brothers on her father’s side. Consumer indicated that she has never had good relationships with her brothers. She stated that she only sees the rest of her family during family holidays because they criticize her life situation and make negative remarks about her every time they find an opportunity. Ms. Bird reported that was not able to control her emotions and sometimes lost control of herself when she used to go to her son’s school meetings. She states that argued with her son’s teachers because she did not agree with them when they were explaining the reason he got a bad grade. As result, she decided to let her son to live with his father for a year. Consumer indicated that she does not have any contact with her neighbors and she is not involved with church, agency, community activity, volunteer work, or school due to her mental health symptoms. She states that her negative automatic thoughts have affected her by losing friends, distancing her from family, not enrolling in school and not applying for a job. Ms. Bird pointed out that her problematic emotions have had a detrimental effect with the external world. She voiced that she noticed that there are situations that she should…

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