A Short Note On Social And Clinical Psychology Essay

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Perceived Relationship Goals and Perceived Progress This article was selected from the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, Vol. 28, No. 2, in 2009, from page 137-164 and is titled “Linking Relationship quality to perceived mutuality of relationship goals and perceived goal progress.” The authors are Yael E. Avivi, Jean-Philippe Laurenceau and Charles S. Carver. The focus of this article is examining relationship quality outcomes based upon perceived mutual goals and perceived progress toward achieving those goals. I selected this article because interpersonal romantic relationships are among the most common relationships that most of us will engage in. This type of relationship can be what brings us the most joy and fulfillment within our lives or can leave us feeling the most hurt and defeated. Yet we do very little to learn about how to maintain or improve a quality relationship throughout our life. Often times when people get divorced we hear that they grew apart. Perhaps they really just stopped communicating and they no longer perceived mutual progress in attaining their shared goals. There is hope that something can be learned from this study and relationships could find solutions other than divorce. This study presents a baseline of the importance in achieving and maintaining shared positive power within a romantic relationship. This thought came from my reading in Interpersonal Conflict when Hocker and Wilmot state that:
Relational theory…

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