A Short Note On Psa Presentation Day ! Essay

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Class #10 (Lab during class #9)
Readings: None listed in the outline (PSA Presentation day!) Today we had all of our Public Service Announcement assignments present in class. Some were videos, slideshows and poems. Over all, it was very interesting to see and learn about all of the different trauma related fields, theories, facts and activities. I think that everyone brought forward a creative presentation, making their PSA their very own. I truly enjoyed this class and think that it followed through with the amount of learning potential it offered.
1. What did this class mean to you?
To me, this class meant opening my eyes to even more topics and subtopics included with trauma healing, and then being able to take that knowledge and apply it in my trauma informed lens. This class meant becoming even more informed and growing my trauma informed lens to apply in new situation. It also meant being able to share the work and research that I had put into my PSA on musical therapy, which I was excited about.
2. How did it make me feel?
This class made me feel excited about how many different things are out there that trauma healing can be applied to. I also felt as though I was gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge about all of the different topics, some that I had never even considered before such as pet therapy. I felt also inspired by the creative ways in which my classmates presented their PSAs.
3. How did the class connect (or not) to the readings (citing the readings)?…

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