A Short Note On Ms. D. Gilman 's Other Biological Daughter Essays

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Ms. Peters indicated that she spoke with Ms. Gustard’s other biological daughter, Marla, who reported that she had a good relationship with the foster children; Ms. Gustard took her phone away, limited her finances, or restricted her outside activities as punishment. Marla uttered that this is the first time a satiation like this occurred with the foster children. Marla expressed that she is not allowed to spend nights at someone else’s home. Marla voiced that the foster children were usually in the home and they did not have much contact with their mother. Ms. Peters added that she did not get to speak with the foster children’s sister, Destiny, as of yet.

Marla stated that she spoke with Dymnasty and Diamond therapist, Lisa Rosner, who reported that she was unaware of any concern between the foster children and Ms. Gustard. Ms. Rosner indicated that the children attended therapy as expected and they had normal concerns about following the rules and the length of time they are allowed in the community.

Ms. Peters conveyed that she spoke with Diamond who also confirmed that Ms. Gustard’s daughter, Robyn, dropped her and Dymnasty at The Door before they eventually decided to take the train to visit their sister, Destiny, in the Bronx. Diamond confirmed that Destiny met them in the Bronx and took them to her shelter. Diamond indicated that she played with her nephew while at the shelter and slept in her sister’s roommate’s bed while the roommate slept somewhere else.…

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