Essay on A Short Note On I Love Junk Food

1016 Words Jan 29th, 2016 null Page
I love junk food. Like a majority of the American population, I am constantly surrounded by tempting, processed snacks that are guaranteed to fill me with a brief and euphoric moment of palatable satisfaction. I realize and acknowledge the dangers of this obsession, and I hate what junk food does to me; however, I just cannot seem to get enough of it.* Similar to how junk food has become an integrated element of my adolescent life, technology has also established a sound foundation in my everyday lifestyle.* Technology is everywhere. It is in our schools, in our homes, even in our pockets. In a culture that focuses on scientific progression and increasing efficiency, technological advances have drastically increased to do just that over the past several decades.* While technological resources, especially smartphones, are becoming more readily available to the public, we as a nation have moved backwards in our personal health and our social values. It is difficult to say whether the technological advances are worth this depreciation of face-to-face interaction. As one of the most social species on the planet, it is increasingly worrisome to see* that people would rather spend valuable time with a computer screen that with a fellow human being. While our scientific progression is swiftly booming, we may be consequently sacrificing* the quality of relationships and our appreciation of the world while mutually relying on technology throughout the day to the point where we are…

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