Essay on A Short Note On Greek Religion And Beliefs

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IO-Greek Religion and Beliefs
Mihir Palan Reflection
An interesting concept that is prevalent throughout Antigone is the impact that Greek religion has on the characters of the play. Before the IO, my understanding of Greek religion revolves around burials, as it states that the soul can only be at rest when the body gets buried. If not, then the soul will be cursed to endlessly wandering around River Styx, or the entrance to the Underworld. The only admission to get into the Underworld is if there is an elaborate burial that performs the required complex rituals. A question that develops regarding burials in Antigone is why Antigone is so adamant in resting Polynices and why Anouilh decides to make the burial such a big part of the play.

In the discussion, we talked about why King Creon was so persistent on maintaining the law which restricted Polynices from being buried. An interesting argument that was brought up was that due to the desire to maintain order, the King simply cannot go back and change his rule, regardless of the morality behind it. Since King Creon chose to be the enforcer, he is obligated to serve as an example to the people, and thus, his reputation would be ruined if he changed the law. Antigone believes that it is her obligation to bury Polynices because she values family sanctity, and is therefore willing to face the consequences to support her family. Although King Creon is a family member, Antigone defies him because she doesn’t consider…

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