Essay on A Short Note On Drug Addiction And Addiction

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Imagine a person going to AA, what do you think they look like, how old are they and what do you think they 're going for. I take it that you would have never imagined a 12 year old kid going to an AA meeting for alcohol. However, I can personally tell you it was extremely scary and embarrassing, but the worse thing is that it wasn’t for alcohol. When I was 12 years old I went to AA for having a drug addiction to heroin. Yes I said heroin. I know it is probably a huge surprise but it happened and I never want anyone to ever experience anything like I did. It all started just after my 12th birthday. My parents were beginning to trust me a little bit more now that I was older so they were letting me stay out with my friends a little later. One night we were out, just hanging out, and this guy walks up and asks us if we wanted to try something. When I was younger and even still to this day I’m the one that always tries new things first. I was hesitant at first but I didn’t want to look like a in a baby in front of my friends so I took a shot of it. He wrapped a plastic tube around my arm and then put the needle in my arm. I felt it rush through my veins. It was a warm and tingling feeling throughout my body. The feeling when it hit was amazing. In that moment I was GOD. I thought I would never feel that feeling again until he asked if I wanted a big shot. I turned to him “Hell yes, fill that whole thing up and give it all to me!” From the moment I answered his question he…

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