A Short Note On Bsn Degree Program Plan Essay

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RN to BSN Degree Program Plan
Planning is a key aspect in helping to help clarify my goals and outlining the steps I need to take in order to reach my eventual objective of becoming a nurse practitioner. I will reflect on my reasons for completing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), the steps I have already taken, the steps I need to take, and my contingency plans to overcome unanticipated barriers or delays to my successful completion of this goal.
Reasons for Completing a BSN
Nurse Practitioner Program Prerequisite
The first and foremost reason for obtaining my BSN is that in this point of my life I am currently planning to continue my education to become a nurse practitioner. A BSN is a prerequisite for all of the online nurse practitioner programs I have considered. The online application form for the nurse practitioner program at the University of Cincinnati (UC) states as one of their requirements, “…a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree conferred from a regionally and ACEN (formerly NLNAC) or CCNE accredited institution” (UC, 2015). Walden University’s nurse practitioner program is similar, and information found on their website points out their program is for registered nurses who already hold a BSN (Walden University, 2015). The University of Michigan – Flint has a BSN requirement also. According to the University of Michigan – Flint website, a “Bachelor of Science in Nursing from an accredited college or university with an overall undergraduate grade…

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