Essay on A Short Note On Anxiety Disorders And Depression Disorders

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N couples are included in this study. Our sample consists of both depressed and nondepressed patient participants, all of whom are diagnosed with anxiety disorders (other than specific phobia or public speaking phobia). N patients (%) are diagnosed with comorbid major depression. Of the N couples, there are N male patients (%) and N female patients (%).
Participants were recruited from the general community and various local therapy centers in the area. They were screened for anxiety disorders using the Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for DSM-IV (ADIS; DiNardo, Brown, & Barlow, 1994). The ADIS assesses anxiety disorders, as well as psychosis and other diagnoses that are often comorbid with anxiety disorders, such as major depression. The inclusion criteria for recruitment required that patients have primary diagnoses of DSM-IV anxiety disorders, but excluding those with specific phobias and public-speaking anxiety. They have to have had cohabited with their spouse or partner for at least 3 months prior their ADIS assessments. Both the patients and their partners consented to participating in the study. The exclusion criteria for both patients and their spouses included having any history of psychosis, previous diagnosis of bipolar disorder, diagnosis of alcohol or substance dependence within the last 6 months, and acute suicidality. Couples with a history of severe domestic violence, severe psychiatric problems, or cognitive impairment in the patients’ partners were…

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