A Short Note On Anxiety Disorder And Social Anxiety Essay

1051 Words Nov 8th, 2015 5 Pages
I walk back to my dorm from class with a huge smile on my face. Suddenly, my heart starts pounding, and my hands get sweaty and fidgety. Inside, I’m gasping for air while my mind is racing a million miles. I hide it until I shut my door where I break down into a full attack. After eight years, it becomes habit, hiding my attack until I’m away from public eye. I feel like my panic attacks caused by my anxiety holds me back from reaching my full potential. If it continues to occur, I worry that it will cause me trouble in my future career and lifestyle. I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder around the age of nine or ten. My panic attacks would occur over many different events, such as over homework I didn’t understand or staying over at a friends house. My anxiety was at its worse when I would stay up until the middle of the night continuously checking if the doors were locked, if the stove was off even if we didn’t use it that night, and at worst times, check every electrical plug to make sure the cords were plugged in all the way. I never understood my disorder until years later. All I knew was that my therapist prescribed me medication to “make me better” and offered ways to calm my anxiety. Even though I did everything she said, I didn’t feel any different. My anxiety would worsen with the increase of bullying I experienced. I began to worry about how others perceived me. My anxiety led to me develop eating disorders to be skinnier…

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