Essay on A Short Note On Anorexia Nervosa Is A Serious Mental Illness

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A discussion on two research papers relating to anorexia

Anorexia nervosa is a serious mental illness. It categorized by a failure to maintain a normal body weight, a fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, and preconceptions about body shape (Attia E., 2010).

How anorexic-like are the symptom and personality profiles of aesthetic athletes?

A hypothesis was tested which was that aesthetic athletes (AA) have anorexic-like eating behaviours and attitudes. In addition, they share personality characteristics such as obsessiveness and perfectionism and are at higher risk of developing eating disorders.
For this study, various things were compared. This included symptomatology, personality variables which are typical of anorexia nervosa, and a lifetime eating disorder occurrence over four groups of Israeli women: 31 anorexics, 111 AA (mostly dancers), 68 no aesthetic athletes (NAA), and 248 controls. All of the participants completed self-report measures of harm avoidance symptomatology, obsessiveness, perfectionism, self-esteem, and self-rated facial attractiveness. Following that they were then screened for eating disorders. Those screening positively were interviewed and diagnosed in a structured clinical interview.
The result scores of the anorexic women differed from those of the three other groups in the expected direction on all variables. NAA scored similarly to controls, but had greater body satisfaction and less drive for…

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