Essay on A Short Note On Ana Code Of Ethics

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The QSEN initiative was first introduced during my basic nursing training as a means to summarize the quality and safety material presented throughout the program. It had not been fully integrated into the curriculum, due to its newness. However, after becoming more largely adopted among nursing schools, it became required knowledge for graduation.
2. Reflect on the QSEN project and the ANA Code of Ethics. Did you find similarities between the QSEN project and the ANA Code of Ethics? Reflect on the similarities.
The QSEN project and the ANA Code of Ethics have many similarities regarding nursing care. Overall, the QSEN project is concerned primarily with ensuring the quality and safety of nursing care. Whereas, the ANA Code of ethics is concerned with ensuring ethical nursing care. The connection between these two entities is that in order for nursing care to be considered ethical it must be done safely and of the utmost quality, and vice versa. Therefore, many specific similarities exist between these two programs.
For example, the first competency addressed by the QSEN project is providing patient centered care (Case Western University, 2014). This is also specifically addressed under Provision 1 of the ANA Code of Ethics. According to the American Nurses Association (2016), nursing care must come from a place of respect for the dignity, worth, and values of each individual patient. A patient’s culture, values, religious or spiritual beliefs, lifestyle, social…

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