A Short Note On Alzheimer 's Disease : An Incurable And Debilitating Chronic Progressive Neurodegenerative Disorder

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Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer 's disease in 1994, which was after his presidential term. Alzheimer 's disease (AD) is an incurable and debilitating chronic progressive neurodegenerative disorder which is the leading cause of dementia worldwide (Kazim and Iqbal, 2016). Many of Reagan’s speech characteristics changed and can be associated with the neurological structures such as the myelination of the neurons as well as specific genes and the thickness of the surrounding cells of the neuron.

A Study done on molecular neurodegeneration states, “Finally, we document that the loss of BIN1 significantly correlates with the extent of demyelination in multiple sclerosis lesions” (De Rossi et al, 2016). The study provides information on the correlation between the deficit in the BIN1 gene in the neurons with the lack or loss of myelination in the neurons. This can be associated to how the lack of the myelin sheath on the neurons axons can slow down the action potentials and alter the way these neurons process information. This exemplifies how and why these structures are imperative to speech. Because of the lesions in the neurons, Reagan 's brain was slowly being damaged and soon the signs of early Alzheimer 's began to be present.

In addition, a study identifies that another factor that influences Alzheimer’s disease is the presence of the Aβ or tau pathologies. They write, “Synaptic loss is a better correlate of cognitive impairment in AD than Aβ or tau…

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