Personal Narrative: My First Day In Middle School

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Throughout my adolescence, it was not easy finding a place to belong. I remember my first day in middle school, I had no idea how others will perceive me, how others will treat me, and how others will approach me. In the first few days in middle school, I was all alone. My friends either went to different schools, or they had different classes, so I had a choice between making new friends or secluding myself. I know that I will be a “loner” for the first few days or weeks of school, and I know I would have mixed emotions about my place in society. I would often feel melancholic about me not being able to belong in an environment develops children into being functional members of society. Even though schools teach skills and encourage students, …show more content…
My parents always talked me about how important it is for me to attend school. My parents did not have the opportunity that I have; therefore, they did not allow me to take my opportunity for granted. I remember watching American History X, and I saw how all races were having a difficult time trying to belong. I was a little too young to understand the premise of the film, but what I got out of it was crucial. I realized that I should be grateful for a lot things I take for granted: I have parents that love me, I have no bullies, and I have teachers that care. After I realized that, I felt better and I felt motivated to do better in school, because I have nothing stopping me from doing so. Feeling grateful for what I have is the least I can do. I was able to get straight As on my report card because I seldom thought about how I was going to belong; instead, I focused on just doing my work and helping those in my class with their work. Eventually, I was able to make friends once I broke out of my inferiority complex. Other kids who are too shy to talk began to talk to me, and I was able to I realized that once I understand that my situation is not unique, I was able to

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