Essay on A Short Note On A Friendship

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Sugrīva says, “Svāmi! You are my only refuge. You have to get my kingdom back to me.”

When a friendship is formed, āḍhyo vāpi daridro vā duḥkhitaḥ sukhito 'pi vā | rich or not, poor or not, sad or not, happy or not, faulty or not, guilty or not, well known or not, penniless or not, only a friend is a refuge; when a friendship is established, that is how a friend should protect. Sugrīva says Rāma must help him. Sugrīva is quoting śāstra - āḍhyo vāpi daridro vā duḥkhitaḥ sukhito 'pi vā |

Bhāratam talks about this – Droṇa and Drupada mahārāja were students in one place during when they were young. They learned dhanurveda; the two of them were friends in spite of one being a prince and one being a brahmin’s son. One time, Drupada said, “If I get a kingdom, I will give you half.” Droṇa accepted. After the studies were over, Drupada left and became a king. Droṇa stayed in the forest and was teaching archery to all kṣatriya-s.

Duryodana and others and pāṇḍava-s came to learn from him; he taught archery to all kings; he taught his son also. Can dhanurveda be taught to brāhmaṇa-s? Even they must join military during times of danger. If one has nothing to live on, one can join the military. Nowadays, that is how everyone goes! Do you understand?! (Ācāryar laughs softly)!

pūrva pūrva vṛdhyabhāve – śāstra says if a brāhmaṇa cannot live on his own, he can move on to kṣatriya vṛddhi. Droṇa taught archery to his son also. Many princes come to learn. All the students…

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