Essay on A Short Narrative Of A Child My Brother

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As a child my brother and I weren’t always very close, but we are fairly close in age (two years apart). As children we went to school with one another and grew up learning the importance of family values and “sticking together”. My mother and father people that others would refer to as family oriented. Me and my younger brother walked to school every day –him eight years old and me ten. Before we venture off to elementary school our mother would say, “Sick together, and Jean listen to your big brother”! Now I’m only a couple years older than Jean, but I knew I was responsible if anything bad were to happen to him under my watch. To give you a brief history of my childhood, my brother and I were a little daring as children and didn’t always follow all the rules. With that information I add Jean was the type who was more stubborn than I and didn’t know when the time for play should stop. This is a short narrative of a frightening time in my life that changed the way I perceive the value of my family, but most importantly changed me as a person due to the lesson I gained in thus experience.
The morning was warm and the forecast read for it to only get warmer as the day progressed. It was towards the end of the school year and everyone is antsy about getting started on their vacation. Me and Jean went to a fairly normal sized elementary, so it wasn’t odd if I did or didn’t see him in passing while we’re in school. On an average I saw Jean about one to two times a day,…

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