A Short Introduction Of The History Of Myself Essay

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To endeavor to fully explain my position on this particular issue, it is my wish to begin with a short introduction to the history of myself. I am a straight, married man with many friends from all walks of life. These friends happen to include everyone from transgendered persons to straight persons, atheists to polytheists, and everyone in between. I consider myself open-minded, but not so that my brain falls out.
The line between hate and dislike is a rather thin one to say the least. The policy change debate—of which, if I may say, no one was invited to—of the private corporation that is the Target store franchise, is one that should not, and cannot be remarked upon by anyone in public office. There was an article last week regarding the possibility of Texas adopting a state-wide bathroom policy that would require people to use the latrine that corresponds to their gender at birth.
Perhaps, you, as I did, see the paradox created by the right. To be sticking their nose in business (a literal, private, business) where it does not belong by enforcing a state-governed rule on bathroom policy is ludicrous. Are these not the same people who complain about government making rules for private corporations?
My statement earlier regarding the line between hate and dislike is growing ever more relevant. You see, one can dislike a policy, but due to the politically ethical obligation that comes with holding public office, that person must still vote with their brain, not their…

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