A Short Essay On Being

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One’s perspective of the World around them is shaped by their education, childhood, and their experiences. All of these factors culminate to form some sort of final opinion for the person; that encompassing opinion is the person’s thoughts on every country, every culture, and every country’s people. This opinion is often difficult to shift, as it has been formed under many years, and is the basis for many stereotypes, racial prejudices, and bigotry. Jenny Boully, a Thai-American author, confronts these topics in her essay titled “A Short Essay on Being” in the Triquarterly magazine. Her message is directed towards college-educated or semi-college educated younger people in their 20s. “A Short Essay on Being” illuminates the credulous American perspective of Asia by depicting Americans as ethnocentrists, who view the world around them with a simply American view and impose their own culture on other cultures of the world.
Boully describes the act of going out for Thai food being hip and fun in America, even though the food to her was a poor person’s dish in Thailand, and not something she recognized as hip or trendy. This supports the idea that Boully depicts in her essay, which can simply be summed up as cultural appropriation. Her American friends view it as a cultural and hip experience, even though in Boully’s terms, they are eating unauthentic and lower class Thai food. They also fail to realize the fact that perhaps the food they are eating, isn’t authentic. Her…

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